Suzanne Treister: Space Forest Museum


Suzanne Treister

Space Forest Museum


Hand carved woodcut on shiohara Japanese handmade paper

74 x 65 cm

Edition of 30 + 4 APs

Signed and numbered by the artist

£1,000 + VAT


Space Forest Museum, situated somewhere in the cosmos, is one of a group of imaginary museums from Treister's SURVIVOR (F) project.

SURVIVOR (F) is a hallucinogenic exploration of a future reality in undetermined time and space. Whether manifestations of a survivor of the human race, on earth, in space, on a new planet or parallel universe, or of an artificial superintelligence (ASI), SURVIVOR (F) presents visions of a post-futuristic sublime, charting an existential imaginary of potential human/non-human agency/non-agency, of the psychedelic consciousness of SURVIVOR (F)Survivor (F) is a poetics of the future, a contemporary/futuristic alchemical depiction of the universe and beyond.

The print, Space Forest Museum, exists across multiple dimensions, in the 2 dimensionality of the paper, the dimensions of the imaginary outer space represented in the image, and in the dimension of the wood grain texture deriving from the wooden panel into which the image was carved and which bonds inextricably with the image, its material forest form embodied in the work itself.


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