Rose Wylie: Gingery Brown

Rose Wylie: Gingery Brown

Rose Wylie: Gingery Brown

Rose Wylie – Limited Edition Gingery Brown

Rose Wylie

Gingery Brown, 2017

Single colour hand drawn lithograph on Somerset satin white 300gsm

Dimensions: 63 x 89cm

Edition of 30 + 3APs

PRICE £700 (excluding VAT)


On the occasion of her exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Rose Wylie has created a new Limited Edition print.

Wylie creates paintings, drawings and prints of visually compelling images that she encounters on a day-to-day basis, finding inspiration in a variety of sources, from art history, cinema, comic books and the natural world to verbal anecdotes, news and celebrity stories. These might include a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s iconic Kill Bill films, a self-portrait of Wylie eating a chocolate biscuit, or an olive oil label. Driven by a relentless curiosity and instilled with wit, her paintings propose new perspectives on the world and the plethora of images that make up our collective cultural memory.

Wylie’s initial fascination with an image is driven by its visual quality and potential to be constructed as a painting or drawing. This Limited Edition print, titled Gingery Brown, was prompted by Wylie’s memories of eye images, one of these being a cut-out, etched metal eye from Greece she has at home. The close-up composition of this print is, like many of Wylie’s works, informed by cinema and the movement and framing of the camera. Wylie often combines images with text which anchors facts or memories. Here, she has re-described a paint colour she often uses: from the manufacture’s name Light Red to a more specific and descriptive colour Gingery Brown, which prompts a visual conversation with the black and white eye. The image, which originated from a drawing, has a particular metaphysical and iconographic quality that resonates with Wylie’s paintings and a direction within her work.