Atelier E.B: Paperweight


Atelier E. B

Paperweight, 2018

Edition of 40 + 5 Ap

Hand-blown glass paperweight

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8cm

£180 (+VAT)


On the occasion of the exhibition, Passer-by, Atelier E.B has created a Limited Edition paperweight.

 Atelier E.B is the fashion label under which Edinburgh-based designer Beca Lipscombe and Brussels-based artist Lucy McKenzie collaborate. Formed in 2007, Atelier E.B creates collections, commissioned interiors, textiles, live events and publications, placing art, fashion and design on an equal plane and reinventing conventional modes of display and distribution.

Collaboration is at the core of Atelier E.B’s practice, driven by a passion for working with artisan materials and quality-led, local production. The Limited Edition paperweight continues this aspect of the artists’ practice and is developed with Caithness Glass, Caithness, Scotland. Atelier E.B’s paperweight features a floating typographic ‘EB’, taken from one of their business cards. Around the graphic is a swirl of cigarette smoke and a nicotine cast. Paperweights make one think of work desks with papers everywhere and overflowing ashtrays, whilst they also bring to mind retirement gifts and branded promotional material. Through a contemporary reconfiguration of these visual tropes and references, Atelier E.B demonstrate how aware they are of the importance of style and symbolism in modern creative industries.

Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass initially produced coloured vases and bowls, and in 1968 the company was granted a Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Since 1969 Caithness Glass have been at the forefront of modern paperweight design. Each Caithness paperweight is a unique work of art, designed individually and hand-crafted to the highest possible standards by the skilled makers in their Crieff studios.


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