Grayson Perry, Kateboard, 2017

Grayson Perry, Kateboard, 2017

Grayson Perry, Kateboard, 2017

A special Limited Edition Skateboard, designed by Grayson Perry and produced in collaboration with The Skateroom

Edition of 999 plus 25 AP's


About The Skateroom: 

Founded in 2013 by the Belgian Charles-Antoine Bodson, The Skateroom makes limited editions of art on skateboards from major contemporary artists and foundations. Significative parts of their proceeds help fund NGOs of their choice.

For this new collaboration, Grayson Perry has waivered his remnueration in addition to 20% of the profits to fund the Skate & Create program from Skateroom's long-term NGO partner Skateistan.

Skateistan is an award-winning international non-profit organization empowering children and youth through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Through their innovative programs, Outreach, Skate and Create, Back-to-School and Youth Leadership, Skateistan aims to give youth the opportunity to become leaders for a better world.

... when I was asked by The Skateroom to design a board, I was very aware of the social context of any image I were to place on one... The combination of waning street credibility and doing "good works" seemed to slip in easily amongst the themes of this exhibition... Grayson Perry, for The Skateroom