Luchita Hurtado: Untitled

Luchita Hurtado: Untitled

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Luchita Hurtado: Untitled

Sold Out

Luchita Hurtado

Untitled, 2019

140#/250 gsm Lana Aquarelle

17 x 14 inches

Edition of 75 + 10 APs

Signed and numbered by the artist 


On the occasion of her first institutional solo exhibition, Luchita Hurtado has produced two Limited Edition prints. Throughout her career, Hurtado has created an extensive body of paintings, drawings and prints that bear witness to a dedicated and intense engagement with the world around her. Titled I Live I Die I Will Be Reborn, the exhibition captures the artist’s intimate and mystical visual language that is underpinned by our connectivity with and responsibility to the natural world.

The second Limited Edition print (edition of 75 + 10APs) is of a drawing, also recently produced, that maps the rudimentary yet essential composition of the natural world as traced through the layers of a landscape. Elements such as ‘sky’, ‘water’ and ‘earth’ sit alongside ‘dirt’, ‘soil’ and ‘corpse’, reflecting universal cycles of life and death.

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