Who Cares?



Who Cares? is an illustrated book created by artist and pedagogue Adelita Husni Bey with the Portman Early Childhood Centre and commissioned through the Changing Play programme.  

Against a background of financial cuts, as care centres across the country are being forced to reduce their services, early years workers, care takers and parents from the Portman Early Childhood Centre, North London, have been working with Adelita Husni Bey to ask how we can care for each other when the systems of care are being dismantled all around us.

The story generated through the project is presented as an illustrated book - Who Cares? The book is intended as both a story for carers and children to read together, and as a text that challenges the austerity narrative and proposes a different story; one of solidarity, interdependence and an abundance of care. This publication contains an illustrated story; the text The Coming Care by researcher, curator and educator Janna Graham; an interview with Jo White (Headteacher, Portman Early Childhood Centre), Adelita Husni Bey and Alex Thorp (Education Curator, Serpentine) discussing the effects of government policy on care. 

50% percent of sales from the book will go directly to the Portman Early Childhood Centre. 

Changing Play is an ongoing partnership with the Portman Early Childhood Centre, which brings together artists, children, families and educators to critically reconsider early years education and care.

Adelita Husni Bey is an artist and pedagogue interested in anarcho-collectivism, theatre, law and urban studies. She has organised workshops, produced publications, radio broadcasts, archives and exhibition work using non-competitive pedagogical models through the framework of contemporary art. Working with activists, care workers, architects, jurists, schoolchildren, spoken word poets, actors, urbanists, athletes and teachers across different backgrounds, her work focuses on unpacking the complexity of collectivity, to make good what can never be made good: what we owe each other. 

The Portman Early Childhood Centre provides education, care and family support services for young children and their families living in the Church Street area of Westminster, North London. These include a nursery school, adult education classes, family support, employment services, parenting groups and workshops. 


ISBN 978-1-908617-59-0

Published by Serpentine Galleries 

Who Cares? 

Adelita Husni Bey in collaboration with Hoda Choaibi, Samar Farish and Becky Stringer, early years workers, care takers and parents from the Portman Early Childhood Centre, London. 

Illustrations by Adelita Husni Bey 

Graphic design by James Langdon

Lettering on interior pages by Sun Young Oh

The Coming Care text by Janna Graham


Copy edited by

Kim Dhillon


Edited by

Alex Thorp and Jemma Egan



207 x 117 mm (portrait)


Pages 80


Amount of illustrations:

(colored): 31