Limited Edition Vinyl by Ed Atkins

Limited Edition Vinyl by Ed Atkins

This Limited Edition Vinyl is the result of a collaboration between The Vinyl Factory with the Serpentine Galleries and Ed Atkins. 

Each Edition features two 12" vinyl, which include the recordings of the three audio tracks from Atkins’s three channel video installation Ribbons  (2014), as well as a live reading by the artist of his text Hammering the bars, recorded especially for this LP.

Atkins’s videos present poetic narratives that are augmented by his particular use of sampled domestic sound effects, music and speech. Interrupting the spoken declamations and confessions of Ribbons  are karaoke renditions of a number of songs, including Randy Newman’s I think it’s going to rain today and the aria ‘Erbarme dich' from St Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach.  

This special Edition of only 100 copies is presented in a cover and sleeve designed and hand signed and numbered by the artist. 

Ed Atkins 
Ribbons  2014
2 x 12’’ vinyl
Edition of 100 plus 20 APs
Hand signed and numbered

Vinyl 1 Ribbons
Side A: Ribbons OST (NUMBERS 1 & 2)
Side B: Ribbons OST (NUMBER 3)

Vinyl 2 Hammering the bars
Side A: Hammering the bars (LIVE BENEATH A DUVET)