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Sturtevant: Rock & Rap Simulacra Act 3


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Born in Lakewood, Ohio, and based in Paris since the 1990s, Sturtevant has made ground-breaking and enigmatic work since her first exhibitions in New York in the mid-1960s. Best known for the repetition of works by other artists - including Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp and Felix Gonzalez-Torres - she made her controversial artistic debut in 1965 when she replicated Warhol's flower paintings, just months after their initial presentation. Despite early hostility to Sturtevant's work and ideas, her influence has grown significantly over the past two decades. Since 2000, Sturtevant has embraced film and video, advertising and internet-based images, producing work that reflects the fragmented and pervasive nature of our image-saturated culture.

For her Limited Edition, Sturtevant has reproduced a film-still. Depicting the face of an Eagle Owl, the image has been sourced from an online video library, the digital watermark intentionally left in place. The same image of the Owl also features as a wallpaper within her exhibition, and is tiled repeatedly on the walls of the first gallery space. This direct, immediate style of repetition is what forms the core of Sturtevant's practice. Sturtevant is now widely regarded as one of the most important artists of the 21st century, in that she has presaged the world we live in today with its deluge of unattributed information and endlessly repeating imagery.