Tomás Saraceno: Web(s) of Life
Tomás Saraceno: Web(s) of Life
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Tomás Saraceno: Web(s) of Life

Tomás Saraceno: Web(s) of Life

Tomás Saraceno

Web(s) of Life, 2023

Cyanotype print
Size: 29.7 x 42 cm
Hand signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 50 + 4 APs

£870 (incl. VAT)


This limited edition is released on the occasion of Tomás Saraceno’s first major UK solo exhibition, Tomás Saraceno in Collaboration: Web(s) of Life, where he invited participants to consider different forms of knowledge and more-than-human perspectives through a range of artworks, prompts and experiences which extend past the walls of Serpentine South, into The Royal Parks and beyond.

Since 2006, Saraceno has been accompanied by the extraordinary nature of spider behaviours and architectures through his interdisciplinary network, Arachnophilia. An interdisciplinary, research-driven community of humans and non-humans, Arachnophilia focuses on the extraordinary architecture of spider webs and their behaviours, which entangle us in various cultural perceptions, myths, and relationships. Through expanding its artistic networks, the Arachnophilia community seeks to invent innovative, playful, and engaging platforms for bringing research discourse into the public sphere. As well as inviting musicians to collaborate on arachnophilia performances, at Studio Tomás Saraceno this consists of research and praxis in the fields of biomateriomics, bioacoustics, biotremology ethology, and cognitive science, among others, as a way of engaging speculatively, but also sensitively, with the forms of life that exist all around us.  

This cyanotype print is taken from a photograph of a work by Saraceno, World(ing)WideWeb(s).Life, 2023,featuring a delicate spider web. At Serpentine, these webs, contained within rectangular frames and suspended between tree branches, were presented as a mesmerising installation, alongside the local spiders who continued weaving their webs throughout the Serpentine Gallery for the duration of the show. The webs for World(ing)WideWeb(s).Life were woven over time in Saraceno’s studio in Berlin, some by a single spider and others by spiders of different species in order to form new and intricate configurations.


All proceeds directly support Serpentine's multiple strands of programming and most importantly during this time, the delivery of our civic engagement projects.

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