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Ian Cheng T-shirts: Original Human Matter


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Ian Cheng T-Shirts

Made from 100% Cotton

Available on the occasion of Ian Cheng’s exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, these T-Shirts feature two different slogans that are drawn from the narrative world of Cheng’s live simulation work, the Emissaries trilogy.

Original Human Matter refers to a character in the second episode, Emissary Forks at Perfection, a 21st Century human celebrity who is revivified by Artificial Intelligence but must deal with the shock of the future context in which he finds himself.

Final Human Fondness is also lifted from Emissary Forks at Perfection and refers to the human-canine relationship between the 21st Century Celebrity and Shiba Emissary. Shiba Emissary must resist the urge to bathe in the final human fondness that the Celebrity represents in order to not lose her path.

Available in Small, Medium & Large