Photography Portfolio

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This Photography Portfolio consists of three Limited Editions by three different artists: Tom Hunter, Adrian Villar Rojas and Marcus Coates, all joined by the narrative of photography for this portfolio. 

In The Trip, Marcus Coates reflects on the intimate conversations he had with patients at St. John's Hospice in London. Exploring the possibilities for dialogue between artists and those facing the end of life, Coates asked patients the question: 'What can I do for you?' The Trip documents exchanges between Coates and the late Alex H., who requested that the artist visit a remote small community in the Amazon on his behalf.

Adrián Villar Rojas’ limited edition is a rich, colourful work that brings together the artist’s fascination with photography and the transformative powers of imagination, fantasy and new technology. 

Woodberry, is a C-print by the artist Tom Hunter and is titled after the Woodberry Down Estate that was constructed in the aftermath of World War II. Completed in 1962 the estate was herladed as an 'estate of the future', providing 2,500 homes for people living in impoverished accommodation in the area. Today it is the site of a major regeneration project. 

This portfolio is available to purchase only until the December 18th 2018.