New limited edition release by Brian Clarke print series: Collages

HENI, in collaboration with Fondation Beyeler and Serpentine, release limited edition Brian Clarke print series Collages.


Installation view of Collages series, Brian Clarke, 2023. Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd.


HENI Editions, Fondation Beyeler and Serpentine release Collages, a series of eight prints after some of Brian Clarke’s most acclaimed recent collages. The prints will be available to apply for on from 8 June for only 14 days, until 5pm BST on 22 June 2023.

There are 100 editions plus 25 Artist Proofs of each print, priced at $950 (plus applicable taxes) per print. The editions are Diasec-mounted Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel and measure 50 x 34 cm. Each work is hand-signed by the artist and numbered on the label.

The eight unique works in Collages are based on Clarke’s recent series of works on paper in which he turned to the incredibly intimate format of collage to capture the nature around him. Using his scissors to ‘draw from life’, Clarke’s subjects were ostentatious wildflowers in a garden and elegantly arranged blooming buds.

"I never feel more like I am a legitimate part of nature than when I am making these collages. I feel not like I am portraying nature, but I am just joining in with it and there is no greater reward for an artist than to feel like he is part of nature." - Brian Clarke

Flowers and botanicals are subjects that Clarke has continually returned to throughout his career and across mediums. These prints, produced with state-of-the-art technologies, perfectly replicate the chromatic intensity of the original layers of vibrant colours on black paper. By translating images into this new medium, Collages strongly evokes the impact of the lively compositions and enveloping colour of Clarke’s work in stained glass.

Clarke’s monumental career and innovative approach to artmaking is celebrated in the exhibition A Great Light, opening at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in London on 9 June 2023. Coinciding with Clarke’s 70th birthday, A Great Light tracks his unmatched contribution to the continuous development of the stained glass medium, featuring generative works since 2000 and presenting new, monumental works in stained glass and collage. All eight editions of Collages will be on display during the exhibition.

A selection of the Collages prints will also be on display at Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland and Serpentine North in London. The editions can also be seen in a window installation at 29-35 Lexington Street, Soho, London.


Brian Clarke working on collages, 2023. Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd.



Brian Clarke is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work over the past five decades spans a wide range of genres and mediums. Widely considered the most important artist working in stained glass today, he has revolutionised the medium not only technologically but also philosophically, pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve. Equally important is his pictorial practice, explored in painting, sculpture, lead work, mosaic, drawing, collage and tapestry. 

Still, Clarke's primary medium is light itself. His art is imbued with tradition, but it is also radically inventive and reconsiders mainstream notions of what his various practices can achieve. Through them, Clarke interrogates the extremes of transparency and opacity, light and dark, absence and presence, and order and chaos. His unique and radical approach has earned him numerous awards and honours, and his artworks have been shown in prestigious collections and institutions worldwide such as The Victoria and Albert Museum, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Corning Museum of Glass New York and Tate London. 



HENI is a technology company pioneering art markets and information. 

HENI works with world-leading artists and estates (such as Gerhard Richter, Peter Doig, Damien Hirst and Francis Bacon) across various sectors including print-making, book publishing, NFTs, art research and analysis. HENI’s mission is to make art accessible to everyone by giving people the chance to learn about and collect art. 


HENI Editions works with artists, institutions and estates to produce high-quality, limited-edition artworks. We work with a range of mediums, including sealed or Diasec-mounted Giclée prints, metallic and non-metallic chromogenic prints, large-format jacquard-woven tapestries and stained glass. 


Fondation Beyeler  

The Fondation Beyeler in Riehen near Basel is internationally renowned for its high-calibre exhibitions, its outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as its ambitious schedule of events. The museum building was designed by Renzo Piano in the idyllic setting of a park with venerable trees and water lily ponds. It boasts a unique location in the heart of a local recreation area, looking out onto fields, pastures and vineyards close to the foothills of the Black Forest. In collaboration with Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the Fondation Beyeler is constructing a new museum building in the adjoining park, thus further enhancing the harmonious interplay of art, architecture and nature.



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